3 Ways Creative People Outsmart the Inner Critic

The inner critic is highly skilled at saying harsh comments that will make you lose confidence in your creative ideas before they get a chance to grow big.

He means well. He wants to protect you from the public embarrassment that sometimes happens when you try something new.

But creative people need to chase crazy ideas, so they have to outsmart the inner critic so he doesn’t interrupt when they are in the creative zone.

So how do they do it?

These are my three favorite techniques for silencing the inner critic. I left out the evergreen technique of getting tipsy to inspire creativity (i.e. alcohol numbs the left-side of the brain where the inner critic lives).

This is because I like to think there are healthier ways to outsmart the inner critic. It doesn’t strike me as a sustainable solution to start copying Dylan Thomas’ excessive drinking habits to kick-start your creativity.

What do you think? How do you outsmart your inner critic?

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