5 Ways to Double Your Creative Output

Most people can double their creative output, if they just create the right conditions for their creative work.

But what are the right conditions?

In this post, I share my 5 hard-earned tips to help you create top conditions for your creative work.

1. Work in Short Sessions

Most people have no idea how much work they can get done when they work on a single task in a short, focused session.

Research has shown that chunks of 60-90 minutes are the ideal size for focused, intense work. So try to divide your work into chunks of this size and take breaks in between.

2. Pick a Fixed Time

Pick a fixed time when you do your session and go to a quiet place where you can immense yourself without interruptions.

Make sure that you take advantage of your creative peak time. For some people, like Hemingway, this is in the morning. For others, like Churchill, this is late at night. Discover what works best for you.

3. Show Up Prepared

When your session starts be sure you have already decided what you want to do. For example, write the introduction to your new eBook.

The idea is when the time arrives you won’t waste time on procrastination or deciding what to do. Everything is just ready for you to get started.

3. Use a Timer

I sometimes use a timer and promise myself that I will continue to work on the task at hand until it beeps.

If it’s set for 90 minutes it seems realistic to focus exclusively on the task for this duration. I often find that the first 10 minutes are tough, and I feel like quitting (i.e. start surfing the internet), but after the 10 minutes are over, I’m warmed up, in the zone and time starts to fly.

5. Think Between Sessions

The time between your sessions can be used to find solutions to problems you hit during your sessions.

For example, I find that the wandering of the mind that happens during showering and running can often be directed towards something more constructive than pure day dreaming, and often leads to insights that can be used in my creative work.

These simple tips have roughly double my creative output.

What do you think? Do you have any great tips for increasing creative output? Share your thoughts on Twitter.

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