7 Tips for a Healthy Weekend

It was a tough week! It required all the endurance of Rocky just to survive it, but now it’s finally weekend and time to relax!

So should we get out the booze, order junk food, fall asleep in front of the television with tons of chips and candies?

Nope! While this is the default choice for many, I really think we need to reconsider if it’s such a wise idea to bombard our battered bodies with all this unhealthy stuff right after it has suffered through a tough and stressful week?

So what can we do instead? That is what this post is all about!

1. Deal with Worries

One of the most effective ways to ruin your weekend (or holiday!) is to have unresolved issues from work that continue to annoy you after you left the office.

If the issue keeps bugging you, you will not really be there for the people you are spending time with, or pursuing your recreational activities with your full mental capacity.

So what to do? Should you drown your worries with lots of Tequila Sunrises? No, because as Ben Franklin observed alcohol only waters your worries and make them grow.

Instead, write them down, all of them. Think about the worst thing that can happen with each of them and consider if it’s really that bad? Then, write down what you can do to prevent or fix them. Finally, write down a specific action you can take Monday morning to deal with it, so your subconscious mind knows that the worry has been taken care of, and can let it go.

2. Go for a Run

For me it has become a transition ritual to go for a run immediately after work on Fridays. I don’t run with music, but simply let my mind roam freely and let it clear out the cobwebs.

After the run, I’m high on energy and ready for Friday night!

3. Eat Healthy

To eat healthy is really an exercise in giving our bodies what they need, and not necessarily what they are craving for. Digestion is one of the most energy consuming activities in our bodies, so if we eat hard-to-digest food there will be less energy for everything else!

I find that “food combination for dummies” work best for me. That is, eat lots of salad with one non-salad option (meat, bread, pasta, etc.) and don’t forget to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.

4. Sleep Properly

Many complicated relaxation techniques have been invented over the years. I still think that a proper night’s sleep is the best.

But it has to be proper sleep. Not in front of the television, not on the couch. But in a bed in a dark, noise free bedroom.

5. Disconnect

Be inspired by the Amish people and turn off your phone and email to allow yourself to be immersed in a moment.

That moment could be a cozy home cinema experience, reading a book, listening to your favorite music, or something completely different.

6. Give Back

One of the best tips for improving your own well-being is give something back. For example, do something nice for your family, reach out to a long lost friend, or help a stranger.

7. Connect with Nature

I live close to a nature park. Simply by walking there, I renew my mind and spirit. There is a nice bench close to the ocean where I listen to the waves. It’s also great place to bring out my journal and reconnect with my core values.

There you have it. My tips for a healthy weekend. Please share yours below!

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