Why Read a Book Per Week

The habit of reading a book per week is the signature habit of some of the most successful self-made men and women throughout history.

The proud tradition was originally started by Benjamin Franklin as a way to compensate for his lack of formal education, and was carried on by new generations of super high-achievers, like Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, and it has continued all the way up to our own days by highly successful people, like Bill Gates.

Bestselling author and success expert Brian Tracy wanted to understand why this little habit produced such outstanding results, and came to the conclusion that if you read one book per week related to your field, or around 50 books per years, you will become an expert in your field in 3 years, a national authority in 5 years, and an international authority in 7 years.

While I passionately agree with Brian’s findings, I think an even more important reason for picking up this habit is that it trains your mind to constantly absorb and learn new things.

This is so important because we live a fast-changing world where skills don’t last a lifetime anymore, so you cannot simply go to university and get trained in a set of skills, and then enjoy the fruits of those skills for the rest of your career.

You have to top-up your knowledge throughout your whole career, and if you have let your mind deteriorate over the years, it will be extremely hard to start learning again once your initial skills have become irrelevant.

So do consider setting a personal goal of reading one book per week related to your field, and diligently apply what you have learned, to ensure your mind stays sharp and you stay ahead of the game.

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